Stuff I Dig

Just a collection of things I like or find inspiring.

Outdoorsy Stuff
I love hiking and mountain climbing! Geocaching adds a bit more excitement and adventure to my outings.

EDM & Music Stuff

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix
P-p-p-Pete TONG! A dance music institution.

Electronic Battle Weapons
EDM Podcast and radio show content aggregator. Great way to explore different artists and genres in the dance music world.

My YouTube Channel
Extremely short videos I take at shows so I can reference them later for inspiration. Warning: very very rough quality, just meant as visual notes for myself.

Artsy Stuff

Firewall by Aaron Sherwood

Box: Robotics and projection mapping, so cool!

Cat Stuff

Adopt a shelter pet or volunteer your time to help animals. The Denver Dumb Friends League is a fantastic organization for whom I volunteer as a Foster Parent for cats and kittens.

Tinder for cats

The Internet is a Vast and Varying Treasure Trove of Hilarity and Absurdity

Rainbow Stalin (autoplay warning): Get yer rave on with Stalin

Designer Dirty Talk: I wanna hex you up

Need a host brother? Hulk Hogan has you covered… (Unfortunately it appears Hostmania is no more.)