Bad responsive design rant

Dear Designers of the Internets and Websites. When I’m on my laptop or my desktop I do NOT want to view a “mobile-fied” version of your damn sites.

This truly bothers me.

I know, I know, responsive design can really simplify development, present a consistent experience and numerous other advantages. However, one of the advantages of using a laptop or desktop is the MUCH larger screen size. I’m getting real tired of having kindergarten-size pictures, which make sense on mobile platforms because of the smaller screen size, take up my whole damn screen on my laptop.

It now takes me much longer to see/read/scroll through (oh! the endless scrolling!) websites that I was able to quickly scan before.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig the pictures, and I like that people are paying attention to how things are presented, but can I have smaller images & more information on my big screens? I feel like all sorts of space is not being used as effectively as it could be.

Perhaps the sites that bother me most are just poorly implemented designs, but man, there seems to be a lot of them out there now and it pisses me off.

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