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Couple of links related to my thesis – Electric Forest Festival info

Mainly just putting them here so I don’t lose them!

Article about Electric-ology
Article about the Electric-ology clean up efforts at Electric Forest 2013, with pictures of the eco-points and volunteers.

Electric Forest 2014 Mass Gathering Permit Approved
Article about the permit approval, reactions of residents and some good aftermath pictures from previous years.

Denver vs. Seattle Pop Culture Comparisons

Stuff like this annoys me a bit because people selectively choose some of our lamest musical artists to put on these lists.

Sure, we can’t really compete with all of the grunge artists of the 90s, and sure we have some really lame musical artists from here (looking at you kip winger) but, did you know we have one of the most vibrant, varied and I feel one of the best EDM scenes in US? In fact, we have the number one club in North America right here in Denver; Beta Nightclub. Artists like Pretty Lights (from Ft. Collins, nominated for a grammy this year) and his entire label (mostly peeps from CO) are shit hot right now. Ignoring EDM in Denver, especially considering how it’s blown up in the mainstream over the past two years is ignoring a significant part or our city’s current culture.

But go ahead, keep thinking we all are about John Denver, cowboy hats and snow… it’ll keep some of the douches from moving here at least.