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Well, guess my branding designs are not far off the mark of my target audience

I just noticed the updated branding for Lollapalooza’s web site. Retro 80’s music technology? Check. Illustrative style? Check. Bright bold color palette? check.

Check out my branded stickers

Check out their site

Well, at least I have a very easy defense for my branding: Lollapalooza thinks similar branding styles and imagery are appealing to their target audiences, which also happen to be mine.

Illustrator Art Boards and Layers

Does anyone else find it as infuriating as I do that illustrator does not have separate layers for each art board? Why? Why do I not have this option?

Each time I start on a new art board, I have to create more layers and try to remember which ones are on each art board.

Maybe it’s because I was much more fluent in InDesign first and got used to thinking in terms of pages and layers there, I don’t know, but I find it annoying enough to write a bitchy post about it.